Fire Sprinkler Systems

Project: Middlesex Hospital Helipad

Comprehensive & Full Service Fire Sprinkler Systems

The designers and technical experts at Mack Fire Protection bring decades of experience in fire sprinkler design and consulting for complex commercial and residential projects. From existing retrofits to new construction, we know the fire codes and design systems based upon NFPA standards 13, 13D and 13R.


Expert Design Strategies

During the design and installation process, we coordinate with architects, sub-contractors and other trades to create custom drawings, and hydraulically calculate each system for the appropriate level of fire protection. Our designers and consultants have the N.I.C.E.T. Level IV stamp and bring experience designing for all three hazard classifications: light; ordinary group 1; and ordinary group 2.

While other companies need to have a drawing in hand before they can proceed, Mack Fire’s design team knows exactly how to execute every aspect of the project, from planning and fabrication to working alongside our field members throughout the installation and quality control portion. We provide guidance up front, in terms of budgets, types of coverage, insurance company and code requirements, and how to integrate our system to the aesthetics of the building.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Expert Design Tailored to Your Building's Needs

Full Service Support

  • In-House Safety Program with PPE Policy
  • OSHA Certified Employees
  • Ongoing Trade-Specific Training
  • Quell Licensed Installer
  • DAS/State of CT Pre-qualified Construction Contractor
  • State-of-the-art Software
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design Consulting

Our superior Sprinkler Systems include:

  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • High piled storage systems
  • In-rack systems
  • ESFR systems

  • Special hazards systems
    • Deluge systems
    • Pre-action systems
    • Warehouse protection
    • Foam systems

  • Custom Applications
    • Marinas
    • Cold Storage
    • Specialty Applications

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Designs With Purpose and Appeal

Our designers frequently consult in complex projects, including server rooms, medical facilities and other areas where water presents a serious issue. Mack Fire provides complete custom solutions with a reputation for excellence.

Project: SteelPointe Harbor Marina

Get the Job Done Right

With Mack Fire’s Professionals

Fire sprinklers systems are a key firefighting tool for any commercial building. The hazard of a fire doesn’t just apply to your building, but also the water within your sprinklers, which could become contaminated. The danger this contaminated water poses is that it has the potential of flowing backwards and entering the municipal water supply. In order to prevent this from occurring a backflow preventer needs to be installed to stay code-complaint. On top of the NFPA requires backflow preventer testing to be performed annually.

Mack Fire Protection has decades of experience in installing and maintaining backflow prevention devices. If you need a new system installed or need your current one inspected, tested, or repaired, get the job done right with the experts at Mack Fire Protection.

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